Rockman Poker Joins the Capcom Party

A surprise new game has joined Capcom's mobile Capcom Party service in Japan this month: Rockman Poker. Following last month's Rockman Solitaire, you wouldn't be foolish for thinking Dr. Wily might be opening a casino. As you might imagine, it's your typical five-card draw poker. You start with 1000Z, and the goal is to survive 10 rounds and leave the table with any money at all. In the course of the game you face off against Roll, Proto Man and Bass, although the last is very elusive and I've only encountered him once. Not sure what triggers him. After each win, you have the option to play high-low split for double or nothing.

Like Rockman's Solitaire, it's a basic Flash game played over the mobile service, and has no sound besides key tones. What it does have over Solitaire, however, are rather nicely done win and lose animations for each character. Even idling, they blink and rap their fingers. It's a nice little detail to have, which you can see in the below video.