Rockman Online NPCs Named: Say Hello to Deneb and Phoebe

A couple weeks ago, a Valentine's contest which was not much Valentine's themed was launched on the Rockman Online blog. The goal of the contest was to name two human NPCs who will appear in the game's world. The chosen winner would be bestowed a pass for the upcoming closed beta test of Rockman Online. And wouldn't you know it, that winner turned out to be TMMN reader and good friend, Amunshen! Congratulations! First we have Deneb, the male. The goal here was a name that reflected the character's great admiration of Commander Signas. This was derived from the fact that Signas sounds a lot like (and may be named after) Cygnus, a mythical swan that a constellation is named for. Deneb is the brightest star in Cygnus, hence the name.

Meanwhile, Phoebe doesn't have quite a clever meaning. It's more just a cute name for a girl. It has Greek origins, and conveys the meaning of bright and pure, which seems to fit the character's appearance well.You can find other details about the characters in our previous report.

Naturally, there will be other chances for people to get closed beta access, but the rest will be determined by lottery at a future time.

Of course, a lot of you probably wonder if you'll get to play the game at all, much less have a crack at the closed beta! And sadly, decision there remain to be seen, but I have a little good news for you still. Because Ammy's the winner, you can look forward to an exclusive report on the beta right here! Barring any non-disclosure agreements, we'll be sure to bring you all the coverage we can grab!