Bandai Namco, SEGA, and Capcom Come Together on Nintendo 3DS for...?

In case you haven't heard, the Japanese Nintendo Direct video from earlier this week featured a trailer announcing a collaborative effort between Bandai Namco, SEGA, and Capcom for the Nintendo 3DS. In addition, the name of former Super Robot Wars developer Banpresto (now owned by Bandai Namco) is there, too. We weren't originally planning to post about this, since-- beyond the collaborators and platform-- the game is largely a mystery, and has no other tie to Mega Man. But since so many of you dropped tips, we've decided to go ahead and run it for the benefit of those who might still be unaware:

In addition, you can find the official website here, though there's little to speak of therein.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, you may proceed with your snark and skepticism.