Cover and Solicitation for Archie's Mega Man #14

A new cover and solicitation have arrived for the 14th issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book series. Click the image at the right to see the full cover, and then check out what to expect from this issue's story, which seems to clarify some details left hanging by the last issue's cover:

Mega Man #14

"(W) Ian Flynn (A) Gary Martin & Various (CA) Patrick Spaz Spaziante

'Spiritus ex Machina,' Part Two. It's pandemonium as the Emerald Spears extremist group has taken everyone at the A.R.T.S. hostage! It's up to Mega Man and Rush to lead Elec Man, Pharaoh Man and Quake Woman to save the day! Meanwhile, Dr. Wily attempts to awaken the power of the mysterious Ra Moon."

"Quake Woman?" Intriguing...

Thanks to Merricks for the tip, and to Wilyman for the extra nudge.