Rockman Online Updates with New NPCs

Over at the official Rockman Online blog, a special Valentine's Day update has been made to which introduces two new non-player characters. More interesting is that neither of these two seem to be characters we would be familiar with.

So, what's their deal? Read on to find out, thanks to an assist from Amunshen!


Born and grown up in the warlord family, this 21-year old adores Signas, the chief commander of U.C.A. He volunteered for military service and became the youngest platoon leader, credited for his exellent insight and exercise capacity. Since then, he has recently been assigned to Gaia Base.

He has a straightforward personality and handsome appearance, and has once been ranked as "the most-favored guy to be a boyfriend" by the young women around his former assigned base.

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Female :

This 10-year old is the daughter of the regimental commander of Gaia Base. She is a prankful and energetic girl who takes on the role of leader amongst the base's children.

She has been close to the service people in her father's regiment, often playing around their area. As a result, she is beloved by them and acts as the mascot of the regiment. She usually acts like a boy, but also possesses a childlike side, as well as the fact she likes a handsome guy.

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The page also features a contest running until February 28th to name the duo, and the winning entries will receive closed beta keys. Unfortunately, the contest is only open to participants who live in Asia, and there is no further word of any way to obtain a key to the closed beta.