D-Arts Rockman X Comic Ver. Contest Results

Fuzz Buzz What a great way to kick off this year of contests and Mega Man's 25th anniversary with an Iwamoto tribute. You all stepped up and went above and beyond!

Alas, there must only be one. That one would be... Fuzz Buzz! Their entry consisted of an early touching scene in the manga, of X comforting a little girl whose dog was killed in a Maverick attack. Also, a very important scene as it shows us X is the only reploid capable of crying, which is a huge driving point of the plot. It was also a very unique medium, making it out of wire and clay to present the scene.

Great job everyone and congrats Fuzz Buzz! You can see all of the awesome entries on the contest page.

As a side note, a lot of the entries were X1 related, probably since Dr. Neko's only translated only the first volumes. Clearly, Udon needs to spread the Iwamoto love.