Destructoid Hosts Exclusive Mega Man #10 Preview

If you're a subscriber, then you may have already read through the tenth issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book, which is currently adapting the events of Mega Man 2. Otherwise, you'll have to get it from your local comic book shop this Wednesday, or, if you don't have one nearby, at newsstands on the Tuesday following. However, if you just can't wait a moment longer to see what comes next, then have no fear! Our friends over at Destructoid have posted an exclusive five-page preview (plus that nifty cover featuring the clash with the Crash). In addition to that battle, Mega Man will continue his ongoing tussle with Quick Man, and there is at least one other battle which may see another writer for this very website scrambling to get a copy (and failing, because he's in Japan, hahaha. Maybe we'll mail him a copy...).

Also, be sure not to miss the amusing bit of meta-commentary by the writer, Ian Flynn, on the second page.

Thanks for the tip, Tony!