Video Game Websites Weigh In on Street Fighter X Tekken's Mega Man (Updated)

Over the past few days, there has been no shortage of responses to our posts regarding the news about the addition of Mega Man-- or "Mega Man," if you prefer-- to the PlayStation 3 and Vita roster for Street Fighter X Tekken Of course, we're hardly the only ones on the internet to see or respond to this news. Following are a few articles from other video game sites, larger video game sites, in which more views are expressed.

First, we have 1UP's Retronauts article, "Mega Man's Ignoble Fighting Game Fate," which asks "Is the Blue Bomber's Street Fighter X Tekken appearance in bad taste?" They don't seem to particularly care for it, and also bring up some interesting past instances of developers doing similar things to their characters.

At Destructoid, "Man up! Pac-Man and Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken" looks at things from a different perspective. An excerpt:

Despite being a bit long in the tooth, he's still clearly trying to win over the beauty-and-youth obsessed Western market, just as he did on the box of the original Mega Man when it was first released in the United States. Man, he's not going to have an easy time of that, is he? Not with that face. Not with those clothes.

He has all the makings of a failure: a fat, funny looking goofball desperately trying to look cool in the eyes of American teenagers, and failing hard at that goal. Yet, there is a fire in his eyes that makes him a charmer. He's got the spirit and the determination that only comes from having true passion for your work. He may be making an ass of himself, but he's a genuine ass, and that's to be respected. How could he not be genuine? Nobody looks, acts, and dresses like that because they think it's going to help them get ahead in life. If you look like Bad Box Art Mega Man, it's because you want to look that way for you.

In short, Bad Box Art Mega Man is legit. People may make fun of him for not being as cool and sexy as Western super heroes and Japanese anime characters, but he isn't going to let that stop him from giving it everything he's got in his efforts to win both our hearts, and the Street Fighter X Tekken tournament.

You really have to appreciate a spin like that, even if you don't necessarily agree with it. Perhaps Mr. Holmes should seek employment with Capcom's PR department.

And finally, we have IGN, who posted their editors' reactions in video form:

...and if you're a part of the IGN community, you can respond to them directly here


Those are the ones we've come across so far; feel free to share more in the links below, though do note that links (like heavier curse words) are caught by our filters, so they will need to be approved.

Update: Whoops, we meant to have ScrewAttack's in as well, but forgot when our browser crashed in mid-post.

Their post with the trailer seems to say it all, titled "Does Capcom want to kill Mega Man? Apparently yes," adding "we're now 100% convinced that Capcom apparently wants to kill off one of it's most important franchises after seeing his involvement in Street Fighter X Tekken."

They followed it up yesterday with "[Community Showcase] Elmo's Rants: Megaman VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Games," which is summed up by the question "Capcom - Trying to keep an old mascot alive, or repeatedly trolling their fans?" This one's a doozy!