Ripot's Round-Up - 1/29/12

Another week, and time for another edition of Ripot's Round-Up! To start things off, Magnet Man and Shotoman have informed us that Capcom Unity has announced they will be doing a streaming playthrough of each Mega Man game from the Classic series each month throughout 2012. They began Friday with the original Mega Man, and will continue with Mega Man 2 in February and so on.

Of course, the question this poses is: with only 10 games in the Classic series*, this can only last through October. Might they have something planned for November, before the 25th anniversary of Mega Man in December?

* Excluding the Game Boy and other side games; then we'd have too many.

Thanks, Magnet Man and Shotoman!


We know that Mega Man X is joining the fight in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as a downloadable costume next month, but once those are finished, what then?

Some have been hopeful that Capcom might move on to other DLC-- new characters, perhaps, including some form of Mega Man who doesn't sound and act like Zero-- but according to Capcom's Seth Killian, that won't be the case. "Unfortunately," he responded to an inquiry on Capcom Unity, "there are still no plans for UMVC3 DLC beyond the costumes.”

Thanks for the tip, DaiSeiSei!


Auto from E-Can Factory dropped us a link to the following video. It's no "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny," but this Robot Bar Fight is still kind of catchy, just the same:

Yeah, X doesn't quite get a fair shake here, but let's be honest: he's probably the Mega Man least likely to start a bar fight over a stolen drink. That, and it is Megatron (from Transformers Animated, no less), so we're willing to let it slide. At least he was included!

Thanks, Auto!


From Jonathan Bilski, we have a way to use Mega Busters to make love, not war:

Click to enlarge.

That's pretty cool, but what do you use to water plants like that?

Click to enlarge.

...of course.

Thanks for the tip, Jonathan!


Razor has passed along word that on Sony's official Top PlayStation Network Sellers for the month of December 2011, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X was number three among the five PlayStation Portable games listed. Awesome!

Maybe there is some hope for the series yet? We'll just have to wait and see, though the timing is curious... you don't suppose the iPhone game released that very same month might have had something to do with it, do you?

Thanks, Razor!


We may not see another Mega Man Legends game for some time yet, but you can always create your own adventures with MegaMan Volnutt and the gang if you win this lot of Mega Man Legends 2 figures Sam spotted on eBay! There's less than a day left on the auction, which is at $26.99 with three bids, so hurry if you want a shot!

Thanks, Sam!


And finally, via Get Me Off The Moon, we have the following fan's proposal:

Archie's always stating how they want to hear from you on what they should do, so maybe dropping a line to is worth a shot? Heck, they just asked for it! At the very least, maybe we'll luck out and get a mini-series to test the waters.

Also: nice shirt.


That's all for today! Thanks to everyone who submitted a tip, and remember to submit your own to[at], or just use this handy form!

Thank you, and goodnight!