Rumor: D-Arts Zero Type 2 Coming in May

Some early reports are coming out in various places around the internet that Bandai's planned May release schedule for Japan includes the followup to their previous Zero figure, the D-Arts Zero Type 2. A prototype of this figure was among those shown off at Tamashii Nations 2011 late last year.

The corresponding flavor text states: "Boasting the series' greatest popularity, Zero Type 2 is a go! This figure comes equipped with the powered up buster that served him from Rockman X3 and on."

This is a slightly surprising turn, if only because Ucchy-san revealed the prototype of Vile months prior to that of Zero Type 2. Nevertheless, it appears that Zero may have precedence.

Retail pre-orders are said to begin on February 1st, so chances are Bandai ought to officially have their release schedule up by then.

News via Tarbo (image via GA Graphic)