Miyabi's 2012 Rockman Valentine's Day Contest

Ah, February. The time when a person's fancy turns to love... and fan art contests. Miyabi's yearly Rockman Valentine's Day fan art contest is back! So get those pens and pencils ready. Miyabi's got two catagories to win for this contest. The best part is, you can enter both!

Category 1: MegaMan Dating Force (Humor) Category 2: Ribbons and Lace (Talent)

So what's the prize? For first place, you can choose! You have a limit of up to $40 USD. So all you slackers who haven't gotten GigaMix yet, I'm looking at you. He also has some production sketches from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime to give away. Second place gets a DA subscription or an Archie Mega Man Graphic Novel. Third place will get the last choice in one of the production sketches.

The deadline for the contest will be Tuesday, February 14th, by midnight CST. You can submit the entries to Miyabi via deviantART, or shoot him an email at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com.

You can read more details about the prizes and categories at Miyabi's deviantART site. Good luck everyone!