Mega Man and Pac-Man for PS Vita Version of Street Fighter x Tekken?

Some new trailers have surfaced today for Street Fighter x Tekken, one of which highlights new characters at the end:

This would seem to corroborate the rumor we heard a couple of months ago about both Namco's Pac-Man and Capcom's Mega Man being added to the roster of this fighting game mash-up. However, the duo-- Mega Man in particular-- seem a little bit... off. Heat Man suggests that the appearance of both could be intentionally modeled on how they looked in 80's promotional art.

Perhaps an even greater question, at least for the time being, is whether or not this trailer means to imply that both characters would be exclusive to the PlayStation Vita version of the game.

Thanks to Model M, Will, megamanx827, and Shotoman for sending this in! And for those who can't view the video, check below to see a screen capture of the reveal, courtesy of 1UP.