Retronauts Lunch Break to Kick Off with Classic Mega Man

Before anyone asks: we tried to find some picture, any picture, which correlates with both "Mega Man" and "lunch box" or even just "lunch." No dice. So we just used the image from the source. Feel free to suggest another, even though it is now apparent through the power of Google searching that no one in the Mega Man universe ever eats lunch, and anything to the contrary is clearly a figment of your imagination. Anyway, 1UP's Retronauts has announced a new program called "Retronauts Lunch Break," during which they will "15-20 minutes of a beloved game from yesteryear, all the while taking questions and comments from our audience."

The show debuts on Monday, January 9th at 12pm PST, and the theme of the first week will be none other than Mega Man! So for the first week, they will be playing the first five games of the series to celebrate the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary (even though he only just turned 24). Details on how to participate can be found here.