Celebrate Mega Man by Learning How to Draw X

As you may have heard, the Nintendo 3DS is really picking up some steam in sales. Now, we would all like to see more Mega Man on the platform, but if Capcom has any plans, they aren't talking about it, which leaves it up to us. Granted, it's not quite the same, but the online drawing program Swapnote has been all the rage lately, and maybe some of you would like to share some Mega Man notes with your friends. But if you're not artistically-inclined, don't worry: The Brotherhood of Gaming is here to help.

As part of their "Mega Man Lives!" month, they've sent us the following video which shows how anyone can create an image of Mega Man X by committing pen to paper-- or stylus to touchscreen, if you prefer:

Okay, granted, the coloring parts won't do you much good in Swapnote, but it's still a pretty good guide!

Thanks to Will Morris for the tip!