UDON's Breakfast with Hitoshi Ariga

Ariga holding Mega Man: GigamixWith Gigamix 3 finally out to North America, one has to wonder how the artist himself feels about his epic story coming to an end. Chris, Erik, and Steven Cummings of UDON caught up with Hitoshi Ariga himself to ask him a few questions about his series, including some back story about the ending (If you read my review on Gigamix Vol2, might not be so surprising), as well as how he feels about his English audience.

Since we're all wondering what will be new for the Mega Man franchise during the Blue Bomber's 25th year, UDON questioned Ariga what the future might hold.

At this moment, I am working on a couple things that I can’t really mention, unfortunately. I’ve also been helping on some game work. I am looking forward to doing more Mega Man stuff, but there is nothing that has been announced yet. And of course, it is important to me that Gigamix has reached a North American audience at last.

Sounds like good things are on the way!

Definitely check out the full interview over on UDON's blog