Mega Man Receives Two Diamond Distributor 2011 Gem Award Nominations

Just a quick item of note regarding the Blue Bomber in print, as he is up for two awards in Diamond Distributor's Gem Awards for 2011. Mega Man #1 from Archie is a nominee in the category for "2011 Licensed Comic of the Year," while UDON Entertainment's Mega Man Gigamix volume 1 is looking for a win in the field of "2011 Manga Trade Paperback of the Year." In addition, UDON themselves are nominated for "2011 Manga Publisher of the Year."

Unfortunately, it is not up to the likes of us who wins and loses, but rather, the retailers who carry them. Of course, if you're in good with your local comic book shop owner, perhaps you could help sway their vote in the above categories... but then again, that will hopefully not be necessary, though Archie's Mega Man may have the toughest competition, placed against the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spongebob Squarepants, Game of Thrones, and Peanuts.

Thanks for the tip, Merricks!