The Brotherhood of Gaming's "Mega Man Lives" Month Begins

A few months ago, The Brotherhood of Gaming (the same guys responsible for "A CAPCOM Christmas Carol") passed along word (along with a trailer, and even a neat glitch video) that they would be holding "Mega Man Lives" Month in January. And guess what? It's now January, and they have a new trailer:

...we're still not sure whether it's been long enough to be able to forgive them for using footage from the "He's Called the Blue Bomber Because He's Blue!" commercial, but that nifty Mega Buster does go some way towards that.

Anyway, TBOG will be delivering a full month of Mega Man walkthroughs, tributes, and trips down memory lane, so be sure to keep an eye on them throughout January of this new year!

Thanks to Will Morris and Jad for the tip!