The Video Game Memorabilia Museum Examines Rockman 4 & Powered Up Plushes

Over the years, we have seen a pretty decent number of representations of Mega Man in plastic form, be they action figures or model kits, from every single series to bear the name "Mega Man." All said, though there are still many characters we would like to see who have not gotten the plastic treatment, the business has been pretty good to the Blue Bomber. Considerably rarer, however, are plush toys. Recently, Nightram56 of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum has managed to dig some up. And many of these are nothing recent-- they are based on 1991's Rockman 4, which means they are about two decades old.

Check it out:

A Pharaoh Man plush? That is nothing short of awesome, though the rest are great, too. But who is with us in thinking that perhaps the Met is the most desirable of the set?

Word was that you could find the Mega Man Powered Up plush (which looks more like a standard Mega Man, if you ask us) at various theme parks, and sometimes even claw machines. But since the game was released in 2006, five years ago, they have apparently become a lot more rare, given the $50-$100 eBay asking prices Nightram56 says they have. So if you have one, you might want to hang on to it.