Bit from Mega Man X3 may not seem like he has anything to do with Christmas, but fans of the Rockman X manga by Yoshihiro Iwamoto ought to know differently. An image that has become a meme among Rockman fans is the above frame of Bit, looking rather psychotic and screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" followed by an insane laugh.

On his homepage, Iwamoto has a yearly tradition of putting up a new, twisted picture of Bit with the infamous yell - this year's even features the Rockman X comic version figure. The quote has also become a typical Christmas greeting among Rockman fans, some of whom do their own Bit artwork. Doesn't it just fill you with warm Christmas cheer?

To be honest, I'm not very knowledgeable of the Rockman X manga series, and I don't know the context behind Bit's holiday outburst - perhaps someone more enlightened can say? Nevertheless, just some fun fan trivia to wish you a happy holiday this year! HYAHAHAHAA!!

Edit: Auto, who was in the mood for some holiday one-upmanship, also has an article up about the meme with an explanation on the context of Bit's Christmas greeting. And it's pretty much just as twisted as you might imagine!

Top image by K