The Brotherhood of Gaming Presents: A CAPCOM Christmas Carol

It's Christmas Eve, and what better way to celebrate than with a traditional holiday showing of A Christmas Carol? Ah, but this isn't the same film you might remember; this year, The Brotherhood of Gaming have decided to poke a bit of fun at events which have transpired over the past year to Mega Man and other properties in a parody titled "A CAPCOM Christmas Carol." Just be warned of some language:

We're hoping that there is no real mean-spirited intent behind this parody, as it not only depicts a fictitious executive figurehead who-- so far as we know-- doesn't resemble any real person in the company, but also shows that despite there being decisions we certainly do not agree with (you know the ones), there are people in the company who empathize with and support the fans to some degree, even if they aren't able to, say, restart certain projects people had been waiting ten years for.

But hey, at least this tale had a happy ending... and isn't that all we really want here? Maybe good things will happen in the year to come.

Thanks to Jad and thedevilbreaker for the tips!