Rockman Online Brings Holiday Cheer with Christmas Message, New Navigator, and More Q&A

Well, it seems that just as Santa is about to get his sleigh loaded up for the long haul, the developers of Rockman Online have decided to spread a little Christmas cheer of their own over on their blog. The first item of note is this "Happy Merry Christmas" message. Of course, since it is an image, we cannot easily translate what it says (not by way of Google, at any rate), but it does tell us something else: we may have a new Navigator (seen at right)! Whatever her part may be, say hello to Irene!

In addition, they have added a few nice, big pictures of holiday versions of chibi Alia, Layer, and Irene, each wearing a Santa hat and decked out in Christmas colors (we hope they didn't have to kill anyone to get those color schemes...).

In addition, the third Q&A is up! Translation is still under way on this one, but so far, the answers are still rather vague-- and apparently, people have taken notice. Still, it seems the person answering these is trying their sincere best, but development is apparently being kept pretty secretive for now.

That said, there are some English questions in there-- and one of the non-English questions even mentions The Mega Man Network and Protodude's Rockman Corner-- cool!

And while we've been told not to expect too much, there is one answer which should be of interest to many of you: "Of course, Global service is surely aimed. but we are putting more priority on in-korean service right now."

Thanks for the tips, HeatPhoenix and Amunshen!