Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Eggman Death Battle Reveals: The Last Line?

We've seen the Roll Call, the Big Guns, the Double Teams, and even the Mistakes. Now, it's time to check out who is "The Last Line" in each evil doctor's line of defense:

...but wait; if this is the "Last Line," then why are there clearly two more (pretty obvious) reveals left? Looks like we'll find out on Christmas Day, though ScrewAttack Advantage members apparently get it two days sooner. Just... if any of you are members, try not to spoil it for the rest of us, okay?

Also, we know what you're thinking: "Guts Man and Pharaoh Man aren't Wily Numbers." True enough, and while we can't speak to the latter so much, let's face it-- Guts Man has been swiped and reprogrammed by Wily so many times, he probably has a longer collective tenure than most of his own creations. So that one can probably slide...

Thanks for the tips, Chaos Wolf and Jack Red!