Check Out LBD's Mega Man X iPhone Review on Slide to Play

It's a rare thing for me to talk about my non-MMN ventures here on the site (or even speak in the first person), but today, I felt it was warranted. As you probably know by now, a new version of Mega Man X was released to Apple's App Store last night, and since one of my jobs involves reviewing iPhone games, I spoke up as soon as it was announced. Slide to Play complied with my request, and as the game was released last night, I downloaded it, played it, and probably churned out the fastest release-to-review turnaround I've ever had on the site.

To give you an idea of what I thought of the game, here is the review's "Bottom Line:"

As a stand-alone platforming action game for the iPhone, Mega Man X isn’t bad, but it falls well short of the standard set by the original nearly two decades ago.

Want more details? Then check out the full review here. I could have probably written much more about all the differences and nuances which set this release apart from the original or Maverick Hunter X , but sometimes you have to show some restraint. In fact, there originally was more, but some things had to be edited out for size and flow.

Suffice to say, the game engine isn't bad, but applying it to such an ambitious game and trying to follow it so closely (while at the same time falling well short of the mark) probably did the game no favors. Had this been an original venture, or at least one not based on this particular game, it might have fared better.