Proto Man Takes Second Place in Brazil's Super ConQuest Cosplay Contest

Recently, a Brazilian member of the Mega Man fan community dropped us a line to let us know that he was keeping the Blue Bomber (or at least some of his associates) in the public eye by placing in a recent cosplay contest at the Super ConQuest convention. Below, you can see Lucas Veríssimo performing for the judges to an interesting piece of music, which is part of what led us to want to share. How many of you have heard the classic Ruby Spears cartoon theme song... in Brazilian Portuguese? Have a listen to that, as well as some dialogue from their version of the show:

It would seem that Lucas got a pretty good reaction from the crowd, too-- good enough for him to earn second place in the competition. Congratulations, Lucas!

Read on for a transcript of the dialogue, as well as some more pics of Lucas suited up.

Note: the dialogue used was a mix of lines from "The Beginning" and "Electric Nightmare."

Wily: I will blast Mega Man into pieces! Proto Man: NO! I must destroy Mega Man! He is my brother! Wily: You remmember i build you Proto Man and you will obey me! Proto Man: You're right Dr Wily! I will obey you when i want to! Proto Man: Not so fast little brother! Mega Man: If you are really my brother Proto Man you do the right thing and let me stop Dr Wily's crazy plan! Proto Man: It wouldn't be so crazy if you join us bro. Mega Man: Not a chance! Proto Man: You decided... (punch*) Mega Man: Wow! This really cracked my circuits... Proto Man: Lets see how faint your power are against me Mega Junk! Mega Man: I'm as good or better than you Proto Man! Proto Man: We will see about that! (Fifhgt*) END

And here are the additional pics: