Push Mega Man Characters into Pushmo

Into puzzle games? Have you picked up Nintendo's 3DS downloadable title Pushmo? Do you... like Mega Man? (Why are you here if you don't?) Well good news: all these things can be put together! Pushmo is an action puzzle game that focuses on platform puzzles generated from 2D sprite images. It also allows you to create your own puzzles, and share them via QR scan. You can probably see where this is going now. It wouldn't take long before people start making puzzles from awesome Mega Man sprites, like Heat Man here (which is the best puzzle). You can find the rest of the Mega Man 2 cast here (via Pushmo Room).

Have you been making your own Mega Man themed puzzles in Pushmo? If so, share your QR codes in the comments!

Also, I should warn that huge puzzles like these Mega Man 2 sprites aren't accessible until you make some progress into the game. So if you're just starting out, the below puzzle by kamukamu ought to be playable.

News Credit: Mega Man for Smash Bros.