Maverick Rising Coming in 2012, Site Launches with 2 Videos

Maverick RisingWho wants to hear 3 full hours of Mega Man X series remixes? Was "everybody" your answer? Because it should be. The colossal fan album Maverick Rising is finally inching closer to release. The "2012" launch window may be a bit vague, but with the launch of an official website and a couple of videos released, it can't be too far off.

For those that need a refresher, Maverick Rising unites 43 talented artists to remix 64 songs spanning the entire Mega Man X series. That's 5 whole discs of pure musical delight. Did I mention it's free? It almost feels like stealing!

Head on over to the official site to get really excited, then disappointed when you realize the download links don't actually work yet. Remember, it's not out until next year! But you can read a bit about the album, learn who each contributing artist is, see which tracks were chosen to be covered, and take a gander at some really wicked disc art like the one featured above.

While we've posted a few teasers of "work in progress" tracks in the past, there is now an informative teaser video featuring a clip of Boomer Kuwanger's stage from the first game. You can also listen to the entirety of Infinity Mijinion's stage, complete with amusingly enthusiastic facial expressions from the guitarist himself.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!