Restyled Rockman X Coming to iPhone

In a continuing case of what's old is new again, Famitsu APP has reported that the SNES classic Rockman X is coming to iPhone later this month. However, this isn't just a simple port. The game will feature new graphics, giving a "hand drawn" look to the original sprites. Additionally, on top of the original game there will be a player ranking system managed through Game Center, as well as over 80 challenges to fulfill.

There is no word yet if the game is reaching outside of Japan, but given that the iPhone is pretty widely used worldwide, there's a likely chance we'll be seeing iMega Man X before long as well. Hopefully it will reach other (i.e. superior) brands like Android, too!

'Course, whether or not you want to play the classic Mega Man X with touch screen controls also remains to be seen... Still, what do you think? What other Mega Man games would you like to see tackled like this?

Thanks for the tip, Amunshen! (plus Protodude's Rockman Corner since Famitsu APP seems to be down)