Mega Man Fights for Everlasting Free Comic Books in 2012

For those unfamiliar, Free Comic Book Day is an event held each year, usually near the beginning of May, and typically on the same weekend the first big comic book-based Summer movie comes out and attracts the usual attention to the medium. On this day, many comic shops will (out of their own pocket) provide a selection of comic books which can be obtained for free (with limits placed at the owner's discretion). And according to a tip from Archie colorist Matt Herms, who has helped make our favorite Bomber blue (to say nothing of a certain similarly-colored blur) for some time now, Mega Man will be joining 2012's Gold Tier of books. Such names as IDW's Transformers, Marvel's Avengers, DC's The New 52, Bongo Free-for-All (that's The Simpsons and Futurama), Dark Horse's Star Wars/Serenity, and Boom! Studios' Peanuts/Adventure Time, among others, are a part of this tier as well, and it occupies a spot formerly held by Sonic the Hedgehog.

There's no word on whether Sonic will be a part of this year's offerings, but those who have kept up with Free Comic Book Day in the past might remember that Archie has been known to offer some new content for the FCBD Sonic book. For Mega Man, however, it appears that the offering will be a reprint of the first issue, which kicked off the "Let the Games Begin" arc. But even then, the cover is a colored variation of the alternate sketch cover by Chad Thomas (seen at right), who is currently penciling the "Time Keeps Slipping" arc running through issues 5-8.

For more on Free Comic Book Day, and to find a comic shop near you, check out their website. And for a peek into the mind of Matt Herms, check out his blog as well!