Covers and Solicitations for Mega Man #11 and Mega Man Volume 2: Time Keeps Slipping

Here comes a one-two punch from Archie Comics, as Comics Continuum has revealed the covers and solicitations for both Mega Man #11 and the second trade paperback for your viewing pleasure. Mega Man #11, the third part of the Mega Man 2-based storyline "The Return of Dr. Wily," sports a cover by artist Ben Bates and features a whopping four Robot Masters, with the Blue Bomber in the center of it all. As for Mega Man volume 2, Greg Horn's cover from the fifth issue of the series should be a familiar site for those who follow the book from month to month.

Check below to see both covers in all their glory, as well as solicitations featuring a quick synopsis for both books. Thanks for the update, Merricks!


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Ben Bates and various, cover by Ben Bates.

"Dr. Wily Returns," Part 3. Mega Man has been in the fight of his life against Dr. Wily's eight new Robot Masters! Fearsome as they are, Quick Man has always been there to mock Mega Man and slow him down. Now, at long last, it's the showdown you've been waiting for! And you won't believe who shows up to help Mega Man at the eleventh hour!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Chad Thomas and various, cover by Greg Horn.

Mega Man is one of the most beloved video game characters of all time (29 million units sold), which explains why the debut of the Mega Man comic book was Archie's bestselling video game title in the comic shop direct market in over five years! The evil Dr. Wily has vanished from jail, Mega Man's sister Roll has been kidnapped, and Dr. Light is in federal custody! What's Mega Man to do? Collects issues #5-8.

112 pages, $11.99.