Mega Man Fighting Game Round-Up: Release Dates, Rumors, and Rebuttals

Hmm, with all of those R's in the headline, perhaps I should have said "Rockman" instead. Anyway, a few items of interest hit our Inbox today, and they all involve Mega Man in fighting games. Note that I didn't specify Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3... but more on that in a minute.

The first item comes to us from GameSpot by way of DaiSanSei, and is a full breakdown and release schedule for all of the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 downloadable costumes. The downloadable costume for Zero of Mega Man X will be available alongside Hawkeye's Ronin costume, UDON's Taskmaster, and Trish's Gloria costume in a pack collectively known as "The Weapon Expert Pack." It will cost $4 on the PlayStation Network, or 320 points if you're with Xbox LIVE, and won't be available until near the tail-end of the run on February 7th next year.

February 21st will see the release of five character costumes for the same price in "The Viewtiful Strange Pack." This includes Tron Bonne in her Servbot-styled Gustaff, Phoenix Wright in his college attire, not-so Viewtiful Joe, a Nova costume which "is so fresh, it's based on something that hasn't even been revealed yet," a retro look for Dr. Strange, and an alternate costume for the Dread Dormammu.

If you can't wait that long to infuse a little more Blue into your team, then you may want to tell your story to the most hardcore video game journalist around, Frank West. His "Rising Dead Pack" comes out on November 22nd for the same prices noted above. It also includes Ghost Rider 2099 (who apparently also helps fill out the "robot" quotient), a charred form of Nemesis, and The Queen of the Revolving Door of Death herself, Jean Grey/Phoenix.

Now, throughout this whole Marvel vs. Capcom 3 brouhaha, one argument which has come up now and again is that Mega Man is essentially the mascot for Capcom, which is why the inclusion of a Blue Bomber in the game would be warranted, regardless of which tag (if any) one were to attach to the end. But a rumor from Clown Prince of Crime suggests that he may yet find his way into such a role as only he could fill it.

According to Clown Prince of Crime-- or C-PoC, if I may-- a fellow by the name of Lupinko has been known to leak rosters for such fighting games as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and even Mortal Kombat 9. What's more, as C-PoC tells us, they have turned out to be true.

With that, he turns our attention to a recent tweet from Lupinko, which states:

Everybody will love the yellow dude's style, but blue boy will cause lots of lols or lots of rage, wait and see! Excelsior!

Interesting. According to C-PoC, this is in reference to the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken collaboration between Capcom and Namco. Naturally, "the yellow dude" is likely Namco mascot Pac-Man, with "blue boy" being Mega Man. Talk about fighting Man to Man...

Of course, that is still just a rumor for now, but one which may have some weight behind it, if Lupinko's record is indeed true.

Finally, since it seems like it would fit in here, JayKay54 passed along a quick piece he wrote about X's absence from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom with the consideration that maybe the cobalt-colored Maverick Hunter doesn't really belong in there after all. It's an interesting idea, though we think that with the impending threat of Galactus looming, X might feel just a little differently on the matter.

Besides, we got the lawyer with his girl sidekick and dog; I imagine he'd rather handle his battles from behind the defense stand, too.