The Victory Poses of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Thanks to @Cyberlink420 on Twitter, we have learned that has made a new post about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, one which should interest Mega Man fans, regardless of your feelings toward the game itself. In addition to posting some combo videos (for non-Mega Man characters, sorry), it would seem that some members of the community who have already gotten their hands on the game have gone through and plucked out all of the victory poses for every character in the game. That includes all of their alternate colors and their downloadable costumes, which they report are already on the disc, just waiting to be unlocked.

You can see the classic duo of X and Zero, a tandem which you probably won't see anywhere in the game itself except at each others' throats, at your right. For the record, they come individually, and we simply put them together. Just give it a click (well, a right-click and Open in New Tab) to see the full size of the images (though Zero's massive hair is cut off a bit at the top; the sides are already cropped in the originals). And yes, Tron and Frank West are there, too!

Whatever your thoughts on the game and its use of characters, you have to admit that it's still nice to get some new images to use for various purposes, right?