Mega Man Designer Gives Thumbs Up to Tribute Artists

As some of you may already know, though Keiji Inafune is often referred to as the "Father of Mega Man," he was actually not even there when work began on the original game. One member of the staff who preceded him was the game designer who simply prefers to go by "AK." AK played a vital role in the development of the game, as he was responsible for creating the game's world and systems. More recently, he was given a copy of the Mega Man Tribute art book from UDON Entertainment. And with that, though he is known to rarely speak to the press (or publicly at all), he gave UDON permission to pass the following comments along to those who contributed to the book.

From UDON's deviantART journal:

So this is the book you were telling me about. I didn't expect it to have so much volume.

I flipped through a few pages just now, but... I don't really know what to say. Back in the day, I never would have dreamed that a book like this would ever be released. It seems to me that the overseas fans have a different kind of passion for Mega Man. The pieces included in this book are quite mesmerizing... I can't help but be drawn in, and I find myself spending more time than you might think on each page.

Talk about variety. This book has left me speechless. I'm truly in awe. I feel like I am getting a look at the Mega Man that lives inside each and every one of these people.

It's almost hard to believe that a game started by a few unknown, almost amateur team members has managed to influence so many people in such a powerful way.

I am so delighted by this book!! Thank you for giving it to me. I'll be going through it very slowly!


Thanks to UDON Managing Editor Matt Moylan for passing this along to us!