Bandai Shoulders the Burden of Redesigning Vile's Armaments

When we reported that the next Bandai D-Arts figure from the Rockman X line would be none other than Vile, some people were a little disappointed by the design. Specifically, the way the shoulder cannon was placed on the figure, which seemed to go through the shoulder and its armor, much as it did in the character's original design. It would seem the designers of the figure share the same sentiments; now, Rockman Unity has a new post showing off a few designs they are looking at. Instead of the joint-hindering design we saw previously, the new design goes over the shoulder in much the same way as it did in Vile's Irregular Hunter X redesign.

But even following that template, it seems some changes still need to be made in order to allow the gun to remain attached to the backpack, yet still be able to be aimed in multiple directions. On Rockman Unity's page, Ucchy-san has posted three outlines of how the new version should work to provide a "balance of design and range of motion" in the appendage. The three are similar, the first two especially, but there are some slight differences.

Check them all out here, then tell us: which do you prefer?