Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates Now Arriving at Retail

Wait, these things hadn't been released already? Huh, how about that? We first heard about these figures back in February, and it's a little ironic that they haven't hit retailers until we've arrived on the cusp of the follow-up game's release. But according to a tip from Anthony White (who kindly provided the picture at right), they are finally showing up in places such as Toys R Us.

There are four packs, each with two figures, including the unfortunate pairing of Zero and Erik Lehnsherr, better known among the mutant-fearing populace as the Master of Magnetism, Magneto. Sure, we could have had Iron Man vs. Zero instead, but he wound up paired with Arthur... you know, the guy without any cybernetics and is less likely to be ripped asunder should his opponent sneeze.

Not to write off Zero, but... well, Magneto. At least Arthur could still throw some things at him after his metallic components have been compromised. But, I digress; settling all that fun is what the game is for.

Anyway, Capcom Unity has a post which features not only the press release, but also some nifty pictures of the figures, and word that Toys R Us also has the alternate colors package which was supposed to be exclusive to Comic-Con. For those interested, you can find your blue X-colored Zero in that one.