Results for the ASIAGRAPH 2011 Rockman Award

This one probably hasn't been on a lot of minds, but ASIAGRAPH finally announced their results from judging their special Rockman themed digital arts contest, and held their main exhibition in Tokyo on October 20~22. I'd have liked to have seen it actually, but it slipped my mind too, not to mention Tokyo isn't exactly down the street from me. The grand prize winner was the work "Battlefield" by VOFAN of Taiwan (pictured right). ASIAGRAPH has posted many of the winning pictures organized by their placement in the judging, though unfortunately they're merely cropped thumbnails. However, you can also jump over to Rockman Unity, where Ucchy-san has a report on the exhibition with his own photographs of many of the works being displayed.

I sure hope they release prints of these or some such. I'd pay good money to have this fantastic artwork brightening up my room!

Thanks to Amunshen for the tip!