Now Available: Script Translation for Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands: Chapter 2

Ladies, gentlemen, Servbots of all ages! We would like to direct your attention to The Mega Man Universe wiki, where we have just added the translated script for the second chapter of the Japanese cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH game, Great Adventure on the Five Islands! In this chapter, the ever-reliable Flutter malfunctions, and Roll must once again make an emergency crash landing on the nearest available island. To get things working again, MegaMan must hunt for parts, but trouble lurks close behind as Teisel leads the Servbots in an effort to avenge the wrongdoing his sister, Tron, was forced to endure during their last encounter!

This script is full of fun moments, particularly those between Teisel and the Servbots, who note that Tron hasn't been acting quite like herself lately. But can they succeed in foiling MegaMan and Roll's plans to get off the island without her help?

In addition, there is one line in particular which will no doubt be a sticking point for those waiting for the ending to Mega Man Legends 2 to be resolved; can you guess which one?

So check it out, and stay tuned, as we'll soon have Chapter 3 on the way! And we'll let you know when Get Me Off The Moon brings you their fandubbing of this chapter as well!