Mega Man #10 Solicitation and Larger Cover Image

Previously, we brought you a brief glimpse of the cover for Archie's Mega Man #10, which gave us an idea of what to expect from the second part of their adaptation of Mega Man 2. And thanks to Merricks and Comics Continuum, we have a larger image of the cover, as well as a solicitation!


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Ben Bates and various, cover by Patrick Spaziante.

"Dr. Wily Returns," Part Two. Dr. Wily is back, and this time he has eight new Robot Masters of his own! Mega Man must track down and defeat each one before they complete their missions and conquer the world for their mustachioed master. It's hard enough when each new Robot Master is deadlier than the last, but how can the Blue Bomber succeed with Quick Man tripping him up every step of the way?

32 pages, $2.99.

And you can check out the cover in all its full-sized glory below:

Click to enlarge.