The Megaman Project

BluesBeing a Graphic Designer, I can always appreciate when I'm allowed to combine what I studied in school for a career and my love for my nerdy hobbies like Mega Man. A fellow Graphic Designer by the name of Jack Bloom has produced a marvelous set of portfolio pieces based on Mega Man, which he titles "The Megaman Project". It includes a couple of posters featuring Mega Man, Proto Man, Zero and a nifty t-shirt design. I'd have to say the Proto Man one is my favorite.

He even gives insight on his page on his creative process, showing us sketches and what programs he used to complete the process, as well as official artwork inspirations.

Says Jack on his site:

Apart from design and cooking I really enjoy playing video games, in particular Megaman is one of my favorites; the old-school versions to be precise. While this project is not necessarily a professional piece of work, it did provide me with new insights into poster design and illustration. Megaman has been around for more than 20 years, and I thought he needed a new style or approach to marketing himself. I chose to do a series of posters that featured main characters from the video games and one shirt that put him in new light of sorts. The project was purely from a creative perspective and was only for my own self benefit.

Well done, Jack! Check out the rest of The Megaman Project, and all his non-Mega Man art on his portfolio site at &bloom.