Vote Arlette in Otaku House's Cosplay Idol 2011 Competition!

If the above image of Arlette Resendiz cosplaying as Tron Bonne inside her Gustaff mech with a giant Servbot looks familiar, there is a good reason, as this is not the first time she has graced The Mega Man Network's front page. Before, she was looking to sell off the mighty mech costume, but today, she's here to gain your support!

She has reached the top 40 out of 1,200 participants in Otaku House's "Cosplay Idol" contest, thanks to 140,000 voters like you. "Please help me make this cosplay number one," she asks of us, "to show love to the Mega Man Legends series!!"

Voting is a simple matter of clicking here, and then clicking either "Like" or "Google +1." You can also tweet it, but the page does not say whether those will count towards the total.

So far, the page (which shows off several of her other costumes, including Samus Aran and Bahamut) states that 371 people want her to win, though the Like and Google +1 totals indicate closer to 490 (as of this writing).

Good luck, Arlette! We're rooting for you!