Inafune Voices His Support for Those Fighting to Revive Mega Man Legends 3

The 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook group has posted a very special update to their page: a translation of a recent post to Keiji Inafune's official blog in which he recognizes and throws in his support for the fans who are fighting to get Mega Man Legends 3 back on track. Following the cancellation of the title, Inafune has spoken up several times over the past few months regarding his shared disappointment that the long-awaited sequel, as it stands, would not reach its completion. And now, he seems to be throwing in his support with the same fans who have refused to take "no" for an answer.

Though he does not refer to the 100,000 Strong group by name, it seems difficult to imagine that he could be talking about anyone else in the following translation.

"I think, without question, that these fans are really kind.

When people cheer for someone, it helps that person do their best, right?

The other day I came across a fan site for the revival of Rockman DASH 3. All these fans with such strong emotions really do have an intense passion for the game. I am really glad to hear this.

Perhaps this is only from a small collective of fans who want DASH 3, but I can really feel the love. It is rare to be able to encounter such dedication in the game design industry.

Although most "popular" creations are talked about often and have huge fanbases, they will not make enough of a personal impact to stay in gamers' minds for very long after they've finished them.

There are, however, a lot of cases in which games are not only about short-term amusement.

Although short-lived, DASH 3 is a game where, even now that the work is only a memory to us, I think that the creators and players involved genuinely have a lot of love for it.

There's no mistake that DASH 3 is, in all of Capcom's existence, the number 1 game that has left the biggest impression on its supporters.

While fans who wish for a revival of DASH 3 have touched upon a burning passion, I too feel the warmth.

"Something which we call a hit will be and can be held deep within our hearts"

A product which has ignored the fans' hearts as it has taken shape cannot be born a hit. We cannot give up on the idea of rebooting DASH as long as the fans' hearts continue to give the series life.

I also think that I will continue cheering on these fans, and I will continue to feel as though I am a special member of this revival project myself. I would like to see the day that my juniors' dreams of reviving DASH 3 come true.

There are various voices which recklessly fly around throughout this movement, however, I will continue cheering them on.

If fans only cheer the producers on as they produce games, we cannot truly help them improve, right? We wouldn't be able to make the game together otherwise. But even if there's been a mistake, I do not want to be negative about it.

"While playing Classic Rockman, for a while I found it too difficult and wanted to give up. But even then, I would desperately continue to clear the stage. Nobody can forget the feeling of finally beating Wily's stage after all that work, defeating the UFO and watching the ending."

There must be loads of fans who have that feeling.

If the fans' feelings are considered, those fans can sway the producers and strengthen their resolve. That feeling of wanting to give up can be eased by overcoming all the obstacles and challenges we may face, until DASH 3 is completed at last. It can happen!

Together, let's never give up. Let's continue cheering, okay?

Do your best, my juniors!"