IGN to Capcom: "Leave Mega Man Alone!"

One step forward, two steps back. That has more or less been the sentiment among Mega Man fans this year, as we have seen a good push forward with the launch of Archie's Mega Man comic book coupled with the cancellation of both Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. Like them or not, they were the only Mega Man games we were expecting in the near future, Korean-exclusive RPGs notwithstanding.

This, among other incidents great and small, have left fans wondering what the fate of the Blue Bomber will ultimately be. Some believe that Capcom could be planning a reboot, that they could unload the property on a Western studio who will turn a 10-year old boy robot into some sort of rough 'n tumble space marine, or worse.

But over at IGN, however, Jonathan Drake stands defiant against such prospects and premonitions, demanding that Capcom "Leave Mega Man Alone!" "Mega Man isn't broken," the header argues, "so he doesn't need any fixing."

"It would be all too easy to say 'make Mega Man 11' or 'make a new Mega Man X,'" the article notes in its opening. "This list is more of a broad 'what not to do' with Capcom's mascot than anything else, and we're hopeful the company takes note." As lists go, it's not much-- only two items, really-- and while we think that there are some things in Mega Man which need to be changed (such as the fixation on the number eight), we believe most fans will agree that these two items are things most would prefer remain a part of Mega Man now and in the future.

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...and for the record, it was so tempting to use a picture of Chris Crocker to go with the headline, but we felt the piece deserved more respect than that.