Team Legends Comes Bearing Gifts for Capcom's Seth Killian

Despite the unfortunate mishap in interview scheduling at New York Comic-Con earlier in the weekend, there were apparently no hard feelings between Team Legends and Capcom's Seth Killian. Following the saxophone-driven fan march through the convention center to Capcom's booth, the group came bearing not pitchforks or torches, as some of you might have expected, but gifts:

T-shirts, stories from fans, and an enormous banner of pictures were presented to Killian to demonstrate the desire held by Mega Man Legends fans from not only the New York Comic-Con, but all over the world. The hope seems to be, with any luck, that these materials will be passed on to the higher-ups at Capcom, perhaps prompting a little Grinch-styled heart-growing.

In addition, Jake Hans of the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook Group says that they did finally get their interview, a whopping 20 minutes' worth, and that will be coming sometime tonight.

Great job, guys! We wish we could have been there to show our support in person, as it looks like it would have been a blast.