Are You Ready for the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet?

Step aside, Grand Robot Master Remix Battle! There's a new Mega Man remix competition in town. But this isn't about lone wolves anymore. This is a game of musical teamwork. The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011 puts a new spin on an old formula. Participants still pick a Robot Master theme (classic series only) to stick with for the whole competition, but rather than combining it with a rival remixer's theme, they have to arrange it using that round's chosen Wily Stage theme.

Artists will compete in teams of three (with each member choosing their own theme), alternating who will take the lead in each round. After a week of rigorous work, each song will be ranked by public vote and tallied for points. Unlike the GRMRB, there is no elimination. If you're participating, you're in it for the long haul. Of course, since you're in a team you will only have to do one remix every three weeks.

Personally, I'm unsure whether or not I will have the time to compete this time, but if you're interested in signing up (and given how fun these sort of competitions are, you should be), make sure you submit your top 5 Robot Master theme choices to the competition thread before Saturday, October 22, 2011.

For a full list of details, visit the official Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011 forum thread.

A big thanks to Zero for the tip! (By the way, if you could tell us what exactly it is you're fighting for, that'd be great.)