Steven Chase's Silly Pretentious Review of Stewie as Mega Man in Family Guy: Uncensored

Sure, we know that the iPhone game Family Guy: Uncensored has been out for a couple of years already, and sure, we know that the television show upon which it is based has pretty much run its course. Heck, even creator Seth MacFarlane has recently come out and said that he thinks that maybe the show should have ended already. All of that said, Steven Chase just passed along to us his recent discovery of the iPhone game, in which baby Stewie Griffin and family dog Brian take on the roles of Mega Man and his robodog Rush, respectively, as they proceed through a sequence of the game inspired by the classic series.

All familiar info to many of you, no doubt. But this prompted us to check our archives and, lo and behold, it seems we really have not paid much attention to this game at all. Of course, it's not an actual Mega Man game, so there is only so much attention it would receive here anyway...

But we digress; some of us haven't played the game for one reason or another, but Chase has. And if you've been on the fence or just wondering if it's worth 99 cents from the App Store, then check out his review. And why not? It's not as though a real Mega Man game has been announced yet.