Inafune Explains Why He Didn't Wait for Mega Man Legends 3 to Be Completed Before Leaving Capcom

Since the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, perhaps even prior to that, fans have wondered why Keiji Inafune left Capcom before the game could be completed. After all, he has frequently cited his fondness for the game and how hard he had to fight in order to even get it underway, so what's the deal? Thanks to Treleus and 100,000 Strong's International Strategies Japan, we have a translated excerpt from Nico Video where he gives a "trawl" named JIN (on the right) the answer:

For those who might be unable to view the video, Inafune states that if he'd waited until he had finished Mega Man Legends 3, then people would ask why he didn't stay until the completion of the other projects he had set in motion, of which there were many. "There would be no end to it," he states.

Inafune reiterates that he knew he had to quit someday, and that there was no other option for him. Even so, he does have his regrets, with Mega Man Legends 3 being the title he regrets leaving the most. He adds that he felt more upset about it than other fans did, and at the very least wanted to be able to play the title as a gamer.

He wraps up by stating that he has received many requests, online and in person, to continue the game. However, since it's in Capcom's hands and he has no right to it, Inafune hopes that people will take such requests to Capcom, who wield such power, rather than himself.