Capcom Unity's Team Legends Interview Goes Awry

Mega Man news has been a mixed bag as of late. When it comes to licensed products, things are great; in fact, depending on who you ask, some might even say things have never been better. But when it comes to news from the home of the franchise, Capcom, things have been a little... unsettling, for lack of a better term. We've been hoping to find more news from them that would be a little more upbeat, make fans a little happier, but so far, it has just not been happening.

With the New York Comic-Con in full swing, things were looking to get interesting as both Capcom and the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 movement are in attendance. In fact, it even seemed as though the former were ready to give the latter a little camera time to make their case on Capcom Unity's live stream.

According to a series of posts on the group's Facebook, Capcom's Seth Killian had set up an interview with Team Legends representative Dashe Troxon. As to how it went down...

Well, we don't want to accidentally skew this one way or the other, so we'll let Treleus give his account of what happened:

Apparently Seth Killian, the Capcom representative at NYCC scheduled to interview Dashe Troxon, representing NYCC Team Legends, at 5PM was tied up with a panel with Ono-san at exactly the same time without advance notice. As a result, Dashe ended up speaking with Brett, a newly appointed Capcom rep who was playing a livestream session [Street Fighter x Tekken] during the interview and had been hired only two months before.

Rather than Dashe being interviewed, it was Brett, who had little answers for her because the circumstances surrounding Legends 3's cancellation were before his time. Seems like an unfortunate case of the runaround, and it didn't turn out well for either fans of Legends 3 or fans of SF x T, finding themselves offended by each others' presence in the chatroom as fans of SF x T decried the interview and fans of Legends 3 defended themselves just to see the interview.

Speaking from our own personal experiences with Killian, we are inclined to believe this was an honest mistake. However, that doesn't make things look any better to others. There are still a couple of days left of the New York Comic-Con, and we really hope that Capcom is able to somehow make things right within that time.

You can check out the interview which did happen here, at the 1:11:21 mark.

And if anyone from Capcom (who we've reached out to, but with NYCC, who knows when they'll get it) should happen to be reading this and have something to add, we would love to hear it and share it with everyone else.