Legends at NYCC, Legends for Charity, Legends from Japan, and Inafune Talks About Legends 3, Too

Quite a bit of Mega Man Legends stuff going on here... but then, what did we expect for a news tip from the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook group (by way of Treleus)? Star Force? First up is this schedule of events that the group has planned for their appearance at the New York Comic-Con. Tournaments, bumper stickers, live streaming, t-shirts, and buttons are all part of the plan for this get-together in the Apple MarketBig Apple. Perhaps the most interesting of all will be the "peaceful demonstration" planned for 1pm on Sunday. Hopefully Capcom doesn't break out the Mega Mace for this one.

Ah, but seriously: we wish them the best of luck here. We don't rate their chances of convincing Capcom with this event, but the only way to truly lose is to stop fighting.

You can see pics of the booth as it currently stands here.

Another event happening on Sunday the 16th is Extra Life, a gaming charity to aid children's hospitals through Children's Miracle Network. Over the course of 24 hours, 100,000 Strong member Josh Ousley will be playing through both Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2. Sure, that's only going to serve to put MegaMan on the moon, but it's still up to Capcom to help get him off.

If that wasn't enough charity, a second event called the True Blue Marathon, which will have two competing teams playing games from Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog to raise money for WVU Children's Hospital.

Inspired by all that has been happening on this side of the Pacific, Japanese fans have been "inspired and rejuvenated," with CAP Kobun leading an effort to capture and translate the entire Rockman DASH cell phone game (the first part of which we will be posting the translation for this weekend on MMN). He also offers the following words of encouragement:

"For working hard to bring Mega Man Legends 3 back to the forefront of the fan community, I'd like to show you my appreciation from the bottom of my heart."

"I'm so thankful to you for taking this opportunity to show Capcom how we feel directly. Unfortunately a lot of Mega Man fans are disappointed, and they are actually giving up. Please keep shining your beacon of hope unto us all. Let's share the joys of someday reviving Mega Man Legends 3 together!"

Update: We have been informed by Amunshen on Twitter that the above words actually come from a fan named Ryouta, rather than from CAP Kobun. We apologize for the misunderstanding.

Finally, longtime Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune recently gave an interview to Famitsu, with the 100,000 Strong group providing a translation of the parts relevant to Mega Man, including his ongoing desire to continue Legends 3 and how he feels Battle Network is all tied up:

Question : Out of every series you've worked on, which would you like to continue the most?

In response, Inafune explained about the kind of game where the creator wouldn't want or need to make a sequel. These are the games in which the story is completely concluded in every corner of the creator's mind. As an example, Inafune cited Mega Man Battle Network. He ultimately concludes that for him, there is no part of that story left to tell.

On the other hand, Mega Man Legends was the one series that he has wanted to continue for years. That's why he started the Mega Man Legends 3 Project before he left Capcom, but as you probably know, the project has been axed since then.

"Honestly, I still wanna make it." Inafune says. However, since he left the company, unless Capcom commissions him to make the game he can never work on Mega Man Legends 3 again.

Inafune goes on to describe the bond between creator and creation, and how the rights to call such things theirs does not tend to stay with the ones who created them. After what happened with Mega Man Legends 3, Inafune chose to do what he could to change this with his newly-announced Nintendo 3DS title, KAIO (King of Pirates), by placing his own copyright mark of "KI" (Keiji Inafune, of course) alongside the Marvelous AQL logo. This, he says, is the evidence he is the original creator.

"For a creator, the creation is like his child," Inafune said. "With KAIO, I wanted to state that fact on paper and make it official." This led to the contract he signed with Marvelous AQL, wherein the company has acknowledged and honored the right for him to retain KAIO the original creation as his own.

Will Capcom ever relent, and allow Inafune to realize the dream? Only time will tell.

For the full report on all of the above, be sure to check out this post at the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook group.