First Glimpse of Mega Man #10

Thanks to Sockie, we've got our first glimpse at the cover for the tenth issue of Archie's ongoing Mega Man comic book series. Unfortunately, all we have at the moment is this peek at the cover you see at right. No solicitations, no release dates, nothing of the sort.

And no, that's as big as it gets at the moment. Sorry.

Nonetheless, it's a pretty cool look at what's to come, as the story moves into the realm of Mega Man 2. And by the look of things, those disappointed that Dr. Light's combat-modified lab assistant was so easily able to topple the six reprogrammed worker robots will be pleased; Dr. Wily's own home-grown combat-ready Robot Masters seem ready to give the Blue Bomber more of a fight!

Stay tuned, and we'll bring you more as it comes.