What's Next for Archie's Mega Man?

Over at IGN, an interview has been posted with Paul Kaminski, Editor of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic books. There, he gives a pre-Comic-Con glimpse into what fans might be able to expect from both comic franchises in the future. Among the more interesting (read: Mega Man-related) bits is that the company is currently at work on a "Who's Who" Sonic encyclopedia, a nearly 200-page tome featuring new art, histories of the people and places from the comic, and other fun secrets. What this has to do with the Blue Bomber comes in the follow-up question, of whether they have similar plans for the super fighting robot.

Kaminski notes that they would love to do such a project with Mega Man, and that in a fashion not unlike how they have progressed with Sonic towards this goal, such character profiles can be found in the "Let the Games Begin" trade paperback, which is now available in finer comic shops and book stores near you.

Beyond that, Kaminski pitches the New York Comic-Con panel (see link above), and notes that "fans of the Blue Bomber have been writing in elated that Rock is back in action!" He adds "We're just starting up our second storyline now and you won't BELIEVE how crazy the action gets!"

We know many of you are facing-- how shall we say, "uncertainty"-- about where Capcom is going to take the Blue Bomber next-- or if. But it may offer some small relief to know that Sonic seemed to go through the same sort of period during the era of the SEGA Saturn, with Archie doing their part to keep the character and his world alive with few games of note to help. And we believe they will undoubtedly do their best to see that Mega Man receives the same sort of treatment, for better or for worse.

And on a related note: we have seen some expressions of concern that without a game series to prop it up, the comic may be canceled by Capcom. The Sonic stuff aside, we just want to remind you (or inform, as the case may be) that UDON has published comic series based on both DarkStalkers and Rival Schools over the past several years, with only the former receiving any hint of a possible revival.