Mega Man Gets His WUBWUBS On

by Zerothemaster You know, I always found it humorous that Mega Man and Roll are called "Rock and Roll" in Japan. It is quite a humorous play on words. I always thought, however, that Bass should have some kind of companion or buddy to hang out with (Treble doesn’t count)! Bass always seems lonely, you know, and I think he could use a friend. And that friend should be named… Drum.

Get it? Drum and Bass? Get it? Haha. I’m hilarious.

(Editor's note: Try not to kill him, folks, or you might acquire his sense of humor.)

And if they had real-world counterparts, they just might be mau5trap musicians Excision and Datsik. Excision has recently released his new album, X-Rated, which contains a beast of a track called “8 Bit Superhero”. The song contains a sample of the Title theme from Mega Man 2, and then attacks your eardrums with a gigantic Drum and Bass/Dubstep version of the Storm Eagle stage theme from Mega Man X.

Here’s the song in all of its glory:

Now, if you don’t like dubstep/dnb music, this obviously isn’t for you, but it is an excellent track nonetheless. And this isn’t the first time that an artist on mau5trap has remixed VGM (I keep hearing that “You Need A Ladder?” by Deadmau5 is supposed to have the Zelda theme in it, but I was never able to pick it out). You can download the track by itself for $2.49 here, or the entire album for $13 here.

Thanks to ScalerAegis for the tip!